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Outfit Recap (4.07.2016 - 8.07.2016)

I rarely wear blue (I have a weird relationship with this colour - hello, synesthesia), but when I do, it's the dark blue shade. I tolerate the mint blue only on hair and nails, but then, on my yellow-ish bangs, the mint hair powder comes out as teal colour... Oh well, it's even better since it's darker. The only exception to this black-white-blue pallette was the Friday outfit, but I'll get to this later.

  • Monday: hello, teal hair! I wore a pretty dark casual-ish outfit with some quirky schoolboy elements, such as the neat cardigan, leather messenger bag and platforms sneakers.
  • Tuesday: wearing cobalt blue shorts with a loose white shirt and my new normcore-ish sandals, since it was waaaay too hot to wear anything else.
  • Wednesday: a pretty monochromatic look with the teal bangs being the only exception.
  • Thursday: Monday's outfit, but with the sandals instead.
  • Friday: the weather suddenly got cold and rainy, and of course, me being me, I didn't bring anything warmer with me. My workmate, however, saved me with this pretty pastel pink sweater (and now it's mine since she put it on sale on her Vinted profile anyway). And yes, it was that kind of a day when you just wanna wear a ton of layers on top but still opt for comfy sandals. This is a pretty weird summer, to be honest.

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