wtorek, 23 sierpnia 2016

Secret Garden

Colour-wise, this whole post belongs more to the fall season, but the truth is that it was shot in the first half of July. The whole background also isn't what it seems to be. If you thought this is some kind of a secluded green getaway spot... you were wrong. Actually, these are some unattended bushes and an abandoned building right behind my workplace, but y'know, as usual, Klara pulled off her staple magic trick with her camera that makes every place look amazing - in this case, like a lush secret garden. What a magician.

That day, I came to work wearing this k-pop-ish set and long wig. Somehow, this unusually feminine version of myself got a very warm welcoming among my workmates, which made me a very happy person, since I'm actually a bit hesitant when it comes to showing my female self to the world. But then, just look at the confidence radiating from this outfit - a bright hat, glamorously long hair, a sporty dress paired with a flashy choker, fishnet tights... A simple backpack (that is yet another gift from SammyDress.com and, so far, the most durable one - I've been wearing it almost daily) served both as a match to the warm tone of the hat and a useful accessory - I swear, I packed A LOT inside.

Riiiight, the high-tops. This must be the first time you see me wearing sport shoes, but buying them was a must - my ankle got bitten by a spider and thus was in a bad need of anything that would firmly support my foot (all the footwear I own lacks in this department) so that I could walk at all. I swear, I was dreaming of a pair like this for a long time, since high-tops are the most k-pop shoes I can imagine. I was just waiting for the right moment to switch into these from my usual oxfords/creepers. Thank you, Mr. Spider.

I'm wearing a H&M hat & high-top sneakers, a New Look dress, a SIX watch and a Women's Satchel With PU Leather and Solid Color Design from SammyDress.com.
Photos were taken by Klara. Thank you!
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wtorek, 16 sierpnia 2016


The promised birthday photoshoot didn't work out due to the reasons I described on my fanpage, but I still have a ton of photos taken before the accident (right now I can't even do any eye makeup). This one features a long wig, a sweet denim dress and a straw hat - all of this makes a well-rounded girly summer look. What? Have you really thought that the title was a pun on the glasses' shape...?

The dress is the best charity shop find from my recent UK trip. It's a perfect fit, which is actually very rare if your silhouette is basically a reversed triangle (a nice thing when I do boy looks, not very nice if I go for something more fem). Apart from that, it's also very light and flattering. What's not to love?

Another pretty thing I brought from the UK: this tiny mirror pendant. Yes, it's an actual mirror, not a fake blurry one for dolls. Somehow, I thought that the best way to show it was to do some symbolic one-eye gesture that you sure know if you're into conspiracy theories. I am.

This little woven treasure is another bag I got from SammyDress. This time, they nailed it: it's solid and made with great attention to the detail. I refrained from showing you the inside of it (the amount of medical stuff I carry in my bags might be considered a bit of a sensitive content, haha), but the lining is made of cotton and has a pretty floral print. So, so cute!

I'm wearing: a New Look porkpie straw hat, a charity shop dress, no-name sandals, Claire's charm bracelet and mirror pendant, a SIX watch and Women's Crossbody Bag With Weaving and Hasp Design from SammyDress.com
Photos were taken by Marta - thank you so much!
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poniedziałek, 8 sierpnia 2016

Sea Baby

Look! It's an actual OUTFIT POST. No way! After all those #ootd recaps, it was about time to show you some photos, especially since Marta the University Friend upgraded her camera AND I've got a ton of pretty bags from SammyDress.com to brag about. Plus - I bought a new pair of very basic sandals that allow me to put together pretty boyish summer outfits (all of my sandals so far have been way too girly for that!)... and well, this is exactly what today's look is.

These days the only thing in my mind has been the fact that in a couple of weeks I'll see the Polish seaside for the first time in 10+ years. That's awesome, as the sea aesthetic is very close to my heart and I'm proving it with this set. Starting from the straw hat and teal hair, through the anchor-printed navy shirt and bright shorts, finishing with a pair of simple beach sandals. This time, I ditched the eyeliner because a). it's too damn hot to do the whole face, b). it just gave the whole look some extra androgyny points.

Now, onto something special: a school uniform-style backpack from SammyDress. The thing is, this bag had been on my wishlist for ages. After the store's representative contacted me, I went through the available items and spotted THIS. Yay! So, for the pros: it's pretty sturdy, looks solid, and you can pack A LOT inside. Also, it fits perfectly into my style (just wait for all those fall outfits I'll mix it into). The cons: the bag's handle broke after a week of testing it. I'll fix it of course (I'm using a makeshift solution right now), but it still made me soooo damn sad. Another thing is that the inside zipper seemed pretty fragile to me from the very beginning - and I was right, it also broke pretty soon, so I'll need to have it fixed too. All in all, the style is perfect, but it could've been made better.

That's all for today, but as I said - you can expect lots of new outfit posts, since I want to squeeze as much as I can from this short summer break. As for now, I can tell you that my birthday is coming at the end of this week, so yeah, just wait for a special celebratory photoshoot!

I'm wearing: a New Look porkpie straw hat, a thrifted shirt, shorts & belt, no-name sandals, a SIX watch and Vintage Women's Satchel With Metal and Embossing Desing from SammyDress.com
Photos were taken by Marta - thank you so much!
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czwartek, 4 sierpnia 2016

Outfit recap (16.07.2016 - 24.07.2016)

As you might know if you follow me on Instagram, recently I came back from my first ever trip abroad. I've been to the UK, and anyone who's spoken with me for more than 20 minutes should know it was a natural choice for me. I also travelled by plane for the first time in my life and, well, we all know how much planning it requires to pack all of your clothes into the 10kg limit (and leave some space for what you're gonna buy while you're there) when you're a self-proclaimed fashionista. I recycled a lot of my outfits during my stay, so I just choose some of the more interesting looks and showed them above. This is what we've got here:

  • I travelled all the way to the UK to enjoy some mild weather after the heat wave here in Poland, and... well, I didn't get any rest from it. I arrived in black denim pants, thicker tartan print sweatshirt and an oversized denim jacket just to discover there's friggin' 28 degrees Celsius out there. NOPE NOPE NOPE.
  • Just a classic look to wear during the heat outside - a loose white shirt and shorts, adorned with edgy accessories.
  • You've seen this outfit illustrated in the previous Outfit Recap, so let's just focus on the new backpack (that I'm going to show you the photos of in the next outfit post).
  • Something fun I did with probably the only T-shirt I wear outside of the safe space of my home: I mixed it with fishnet tights, a leather skirt and threw a long waistcoat on it.
  • The outfit I was leaving in - you've seen it on my Instagram. Very k-pop.

poniedziałek, 1 sierpnia 2016

Outfit recap (11.07.2016-14.07.2016)

Hey there! I got myself some sort of a couple of weeks long summer break, so I'll be posting like mad to make up for my absence, haha. First of all, I need to get all those outfit recaps off my chest - starting from the one from three weeks ago (damn!). I was at work only for four days, hence just these four outfits. As you can notice, the theme colours were black and red - I absolutely love setting up a theme colour for a particular week!

  • Monday: a flowery polo shirt (that I need to show you some day, since it's absolutely gorgeous) with a cardigan and black shorts. Also, you can see my new shoes here - simple white high-tops. I had to buy quickly something that would wrap around my ankle firmly (I got a nasty spider bite in that area).
  • Tuesday: floral skorts with a tank top and an oversized raincoat.
  • Wednesday: my new k-pop-ish dress! I actually had it photographed properly, so you should see it in its full glory soon.
  • Thursday: I just swapped Tuesday's skorts for actual shorts and added some pretty sporty socks.
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