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Outfit recap (11.07.2016-14.07.2016)

Hey there! I got myself some sort of a couple of weeks long summer break, so I'll be posting like mad to make up for my absence, haha. First of all, I need to get all those outfit recaps off my chest - starting from the one from three weeks ago (damn!). I was at work only for four days, hence just these four outfits. As you can notice, the theme colours were black and red - I absolutely love setting up a theme colour for a particular week!

  • Monday: a flowery polo shirt (that I need to show you some day, since it's absolutely gorgeous) with a cardigan and black shorts. Also, you can see my new shoes here - simple white high-tops. I had to buy quickly something that would wrap around my ankle firmly (I got a nasty spider bite in that area).
  • Tuesday: floral skorts with a tank top and an oversized raincoat.
  • Wednesday: my new k-pop-ish dress! I actually had it photographed properly, so you should see it in its full glory soon.
  • Thursday: I just swapped Tuesday's skorts for actual shorts and added some pretty sporty socks.

2 komentarze:

  1. I love red raincoat-today it will be good idea to wear something similar ,because rainning ;)

  2. Loving the colour scheme :) and different hairstyles! aw <3


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