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Outfit recap (16.07.2016 - 24.07.2016)

As you might know if you follow me on Instagram, recently I came back from my first ever trip abroad. I've been to the UK, and anyone who's spoken with me for more than 20 minutes should know it was a natural choice for me. I also travelled by plane for the first time in my life and, well, we all know how much planning it requires to pack all of your clothes into the 10kg limit (and leave some space for what you're gonna buy while you're there) when you're a self-proclaimed fashionista. I recycled a lot of my outfits during my stay, so I just choose some of the more interesting looks and showed them above. This is what we've got here:

  • I travelled all the way to the UK to enjoy some mild weather after the heat wave here in Poland, and... well, I didn't get any rest from it. I arrived in black denim pants, thicker tartan print sweatshirt and an oversized denim jacket just to discover there's friggin' 28 degrees Celsius out there. NOPE NOPE NOPE.
  • Just a classic look to wear during the heat outside - a loose white shirt and shorts, adorned with edgy accessories.
  • You've seen this outfit illustrated in the previous Outfit Recap, so let's just focus on the new backpack (that I'm going to show you the photos of in the next outfit post).
  • Something fun I did with probably the only T-shirt I wear outside of the safe space of my home: I mixed it with fishnet tights, a leather skirt and threw a long waistcoat on it.
  • The outfit I was leaving in - you've seen it on my Instagram. Very k-pop.

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