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Sea Baby

Look! It's an actual OUTFIT POST. No way! After all those #ootd recaps, it was about time to show you some photos, especially since Marta the University Friend upgraded her camera AND I've got a ton of pretty bags from SammyDress.com to brag about. Plus - I bought a new pair of very basic sandals that allow me to put together pretty boyish summer outfits (all of my sandals so far have been way too girly for that!)... and well, this is exactly what today's look is.

These days the only thing in my mind has been the fact that in a couple of weeks I'll see the Polish seaside for the first time in 10+ years. That's awesome, as the sea aesthetic is very close to my heart and I'm proving it with this set. Starting from the straw hat and teal hair, through the anchor-printed navy shirt and bright shorts, finishing with a pair of simple beach sandals. This time, I ditched the eyeliner because a). it's too damn hot to do the whole face, b). it just gave the whole look some extra androgyny points.

Now, onto something special: a school uniform-style backpack from SammyDress. The thing is, this bag had been on my wishlist for ages. After the store's representative contacted me, I went through the available items and spotted THIS. Yay! So, for the pros: it's pretty sturdy, looks solid, and you can pack A LOT inside. Also, it fits perfectly into my style (just wait for all those fall outfits I'll mix it into). The cons: the bag's handle broke after a week of testing it. I'll fix it of course (I'm using a makeshift solution right now), but it still made me soooo damn sad. Another thing is that the inside zipper seemed pretty fragile to me from the very beginning - and I was right, it also broke pretty soon, so I'll need to have it fixed too. All in all, the style is perfect, but it could've been made better.

That's all for today, but as I said - you can expect lots of new outfit posts, since I want to squeeze as much as I can from this short summer break. As for now, I can tell you that my birthday is coming at the end of this week, so yeah, just wait for a special celebratory photoshoot!

I'm wearing: a New Look porkpie straw hat, a thrifted shirt, shorts & belt, no-name sandals, a SIX watch and Vintage Women's Satchel With Metal and Embossing Desing from SammyDress.com
Photos were taken by Marta - thank you so much!
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