wtorek, 16 sierpnia 2016


The promised birthday photoshoot didn't work out due to the reasons I described on my fanpage, but I still have a ton of photos taken before the accident (right now I can't even do any eye makeup). This one features a long wig, a sweet denim dress and a straw hat - all of this makes a well-rounded girly summer look. What? Have you really thought that the title was a pun on the glasses' shape...?

The dress is the best charity shop find from my recent UK trip. It's a perfect fit, which is actually very rare if your silhouette is basically a reversed triangle (a nice thing when I do boy looks, not very nice if I go for something more fem). Apart from that, it's also very light and flattering. What's not to love?

Another pretty thing I brought from the UK: this tiny mirror pendant. Yes, it's an actual mirror, not a fake blurry one for dolls. Somehow, I thought that the best way to show it was to do some symbolic one-eye gesture that you sure know if you're into conspiracy theories. I am.

This little woven treasure is another bag I got from SammyDress. This time, they nailed it: it's solid and made with great attention to the detail. I refrained from showing you the inside of it (the amount of medical stuff I carry in my bags might be considered a bit of a sensitive content, haha), but the lining is made of cotton and has a pretty floral print. So, so cute!

I'm wearing: a New Look porkpie straw hat, a charity shop dress, no-name sandals, Claire's charm bracelet and mirror pendant, a SIX watch and Women's Crossbody Bag With Weaving and Hasp Design from SammyDress.com
Photos were taken by Marta - thank you so much!
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