środa, 28 września 2016

City Witch

We still have a long way to go before Halloween, but don't you think that I look a bit like a modern witch here? I've got long hair, I'm wearing a big hat and lots of black, and I do have my own magical artefact that you're going to see a few photos below. The level of sass is also appropriate. 

Lately I've been obsessing over black-and-white stripes, be it on home decor, accessories or, in this case, clothes. I managed to get a few nice pieces with this kind of print, and this shirt is a new highlight of my wardrobe. I guess it adds a bit of a chic feeling to the outfit.

Last, but not least: the book-shaped bag. I've been waiting for the opportunity to show it here for SOOO LONG. I do have some more ideas on how to incorporate it in my sets, including some adorable librarian-like boyish ones, however, this outfit was just a perfect opportunity to introduce it. Apart from fitting into the witchy theme, it contributed to the golden accent concept, together with my collar, watch and new huge sunglasses.

Photos taken by Marta D., thank you!

piątek, 16 września 2016

#ootd recap: 05.09.2016 - 09.09.2015

Hi there! As I mentioned recently, I spent a couple of days at the seaside. The mood there was really completely different than what I'm used to - I am definitely a city person, so the easy-going atmosphere near the sea was quite a shock to me. What is really shocking, though, is what this change has done to my style! The outfits I wore were just as relaxed as I were, but then, they still maintained that trendy K-pop flare... or that's how I see it, haha. I decided to took a photo of the illustration this time instead of scanning it, since my scanner is slooowly dying (after 12 years...) and my new phone seems to have a surprisingly good camera!

  • Monday: I threw this beautiful marine-themed bomber jacket on a striped tee and sweatpants base. Then, I added a big hat and creepers and I was ready to travel with style.
  • Tuesday: something I wore for my first actual walk through the seashore: a simple dress with a flannel on and some edgy details.
  • Wednesday: I got these thin faux leather suspenders not so long ago and haven't really learnt how to pin them onto my pants so that they look good yet, but they work just fine with skirts! Also, I love mixing leopard print with red tartan print, I should do it for a photoshoot someday.
  • Thursday: the outfit from the previous post, but with a bomber jacket on top. It turned out completely unnecessary though, as they day was super hot :(
  • Friday: this time, I mixed the sweatpants with a simple oversized T-shirt, but the hat and the creepers still made this look interesting.

środa, 14 września 2016

Sunday is for sweatpants

I just got back from my last summer trip this year and mentally, I'm still not quite in the big city realm. The seaside made me forget about my usual skinny jeans or just any pants with zippers and/or buttons - I switched them all for this pair of sweatpants that, I must admit, looks pretty classy with a wide brim hat and a heavy wristwatch. Plus, the pictures were shoot on Sunday, and we all know that Sundays are for wearing sweatpants all day.

The thing is, it's about 10°C hotter here anyway, so loose clothes are the only option to survive... this, and lots of iced lattes and lemonades (like the one that I've got as a prop for this shoot. So sour, yum!). 

Yes, I kind of don't have that much to say this time, but the post wouldn't be complete without mentioning this super cute T-shirt I've bought recently. As flannels are not an option during this kind of weather, I opted for some lighter tops and that's how I noticed that I lack a bit in the tees department. Sure, I do have some good thrifted ones, but I've seen this one while shopping for sweatpants and took it to the fitting room without much thinking. I do not expect it to last very long, as it isn't exactly top quality, but then - I've been wearing it nearly non-stop during last weeks, which of course requires washing it every other way with this heat wave outside, and it's still intact, so... I may be wrong.

I'm wearing an H&M hat, Sinsay sunglasses, tee & sweatpants, a SIX watch and a choker worn as a bracelet & creepers that I bought on Ebay.
Photos by Marta. Thank you!

czwartek, 1 września 2016

Drink Your Milk

Summer is officially over, but here I am with the last proper summery outfit. This time, I built the whole look around its centerpiece: my new bag in a shape of a retro milk carton. It was much smaller than I expected, so it worked pretty well as a cute little accessory to something much more sugary than what you're used to see here on the blog - both theme- and colour-wise.

Now you can see the outfit as a whole. Whoah! A girly post with PANTS! This pair makes me look a lot curvier than I really am, but it doesn't really matter; it has the attitude that I expect from my clothes and gives a chic 60's flare to the otherwise candy-like outfit. Still, the set missed a strong accent, so I pinned a pretty brooch (that I got from SammyDress.com) underneath my collar.

Finally, let's talk about the main piece of this photoshoot: the purse. As I already said, it turned out to be tiny, but hey - I usually use it as an organiser for small stuff in a big tote bag anyway. It works out really well, since it's really quite stiff and solid (so it doesn't get squished under the crapton of things I carry around). And don't even get me started on the super cute print on the front (the sides contain funny Engrish text that I'm not going to share... or maybe I will?). Which reminds me - the new school year has just started for some of you, so stay healthy and remember to always drink your milk.

I'm wearing a New Look straw hat, a thrifted cardigan, shirt and pants, no-name sandals, a SIX watch, Crossbody Bag With Milk Box Shape and Canvas Design and Round Embellished Black Bowknot Shape Women's Brooch from SammyDress.com.
Photos taken by Marta. Thank you!
SammyDress.com reviews
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