środa, 28 września 2016

City Witch

We still have a long way to go before Halloween, but don't you think that I look a bit like a modern witch here? I've got long hair, I'm wearing a big hat and lots of black, and I do have my own magical artefact that you're going to see a few photos below. The level of sass is also appropriate. 

Lately I've been obsessing over black-and-white stripes, be it on home decor, accessories or, in this case, clothes. I managed to get a few nice pieces with this kind of print, and this shirt is a new highlight of my wardrobe. I guess it adds a bit of a chic feeling to the outfit.

Last, but not least: the book-shaped bag. I've been waiting for the opportunity to show it here for SOOO LONG. I do have some more ideas on how to incorporate it in my sets, including some adorable librarian-like boyish ones, however, this outfit was just a perfect opportunity to introduce it. Apart from fitting into the witchy theme, it contributed to the golden accent concept, together with my collar, watch and new huge sunglasses.

Photos taken by Marta D., thank you!

4 komentarze:

  1. beautiful witch look :D
    I really love the book bag and yes it's so perfect for a witch ^-^

  2. super! okulary i torebka - genialne! :)

  3. Cudowny look, piękna bluzka <3
    Obserwuję, miło mi będzie jeśli wrócisz



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