czwartek, 1 września 2016

Drink Your Milk

Summer is officially over, but here I am with the last proper summery outfit. This time, I built the whole look around its centerpiece: my new bag in a shape of a retro milk carton. It was much smaller than I expected, so it worked pretty well as a cute little accessory to something much more sugary than what you're used to see here on the blog - both theme- and colour-wise.

Now you can see the outfit as a whole. Whoah! A girly post with PANTS! This pair makes me look a lot curvier than I really am, but it doesn't really matter; it has the attitude that I expect from my clothes and gives a chic 60's flare to the otherwise candy-like outfit. Still, the set missed a strong accent, so I pinned a pretty brooch (that I got from underneath my collar.

Finally, let's talk about the main piece of this photoshoot: the purse. As I already said, it turned out to be tiny, but hey - I usually use it as an organiser for small stuff in a big tote bag anyway. It works out really well, since it's really quite stiff and solid (so it doesn't get squished under the crapton of things I carry around). And don't even get me started on the super cute print on the front (the sides contain funny Engrish text that I'm not going to share... or maybe I will?). Which reminds me - the new school year has just started for some of you, so stay healthy and remember to always drink your milk.

I'm wearing a New Look straw hat, a thrifted cardigan, shirt and pants, no-name sandals, a SIX watch, Crossbody Bag With Milk Box Shape and Canvas Design and Round Embellished Black Bowknot Shape Women's Brooch from
Photos taken by Marta. Thank you! reviews

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