piątek, 16 września 2016

#ootd recap: 05.09.2016 - 09.09.2015

Hi there! As I mentioned recently, I spent a couple of days at the seaside. The mood there was really completely different than what I'm used to - I am definitely a city person, so the easy-going atmosphere near the sea was quite a shock to me. What is really shocking, though, is what this change has done to my style! The outfits I wore were just as relaxed as I were, but then, they still maintained that trendy K-pop flare... or that's how I see it, haha. I decided to took a photo of the illustration this time instead of scanning it, since my scanner is slooowly dying (after 12 years...) and my new phone seems to have a surprisingly good camera!

  • Monday: I threw this beautiful marine-themed bomber jacket on a striped tee and sweatpants base. Then, I added a big hat and creepers and I was ready to travel with style.
  • Tuesday: something I wore for my first actual walk through the seashore: a simple dress with a flannel on and some edgy details.
  • Wednesday: I got these thin faux leather suspenders not so long ago and haven't really learnt how to pin them onto my pants so that they look good yet, but they work just fine with skirts! Also, I love mixing leopard print with red tartan print, I should do it for a photoshoot someday.
  • Thursday: the outfit from the previous post, but with a bomber jacket on top. It turned out completely unnecessary though, as they day was super hot :(
  • Friday: this time, I mixed the sweatpants with a simple oversized T-shirt, but the hat and the creepers still made this look interesting.

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