środa, 14 września 2016

Sunday is for sweatpants

I just got back from my last summer trip this year and mentally, I'm still not quite in the big city realm. The seaside made me forget about my usual skinny jeans or just any pants with zippers and/or buttons - I switched them all for this pair of sweatpants that, I must admit, looks pretty classy with a wide brim hat and a heavy wristwatch. Plus, the pictures were shoot on Sunday, and we all know that Sundays are for wearing sweatpants all day.

The thing is, it's about 10°C hotter here anyway, so loose clothes are the only option to survive... this, and lots of iced lattes and lemonades (like the one that I've got as a prop for this shoot. So sour, yum!). 

Yes, I kind of don't have that much to say this time, but the post wouldn't be complete without mentioning this super cute T-shirt I've bought recently. As flannels are not an option during this kind of weather, I opted for some lighter tops and that's how I noticed that I lack a bit in the tees department. Sure, I do have some good thrifted ones, but I've seen this one while shopping for sweatpants and took it to the fitting room without much thinking. I do not expect it to last very long, as it isn't exactly top quality, but then - I've been wearing it nearly non-stop during last weeks, which of course requires washing it every other way with this heat wave outside, and it's still intact, so... I may be wrong.

I'm wearing an H&M hat, Sinsay sunglasses, tee & sweatpants, a SIX watch and a choker worn as a bracelet & creepers that I bought on Ebay.
Photos by Marta. Thank you!

5 komentarzy:

  1. ciekawe połączenie, masz uroczą bluzkę!

  2. dalekie od mojego stylu to, ale podoba mi się :) tshirt przecudny!

  3. Ten t-shirt jeest taki uroczy :)
    pozdrawiam cieplutko :))


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