środa, 23 listopada 2016


I've been searching for a concept to set these led sneakers in for quite a long time. Finally, I found this little passage with matching neon installation and a retro circular window that we put to good use, composition-wise. I hope you'll enjoy this play on different sources of light as much as me and my friend behinf the camera did during the photoshoot - shooting was fun and the results came off better than we expected.

I'm wearing: a H&M hat, skull ring & faux fur coat, thrifted T-shirt and pants, a Sinsay necklace, and Shoes With Lights Up Led Luminous and Tie Up Design from SammyDress.com.
Photos taken by Marta. Thank you!

1 komentarz:

  1. O kurczę! Jestem zachwycona tymi zdjęciami :) Boski masz płaszczyk :)


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