niedziela, 1 stycznia 2017

Out of Blue

 This was shoot around the end of November, just when it was getting colder, and along with the dropping temperature the number of layers I wore was growing. My sentiment towards this vintage denim jacket has grown as well; even though fitted coats have the ability to make me look much taller, I prefer baggy outerwear after all - with as many pockets as possible. On this last warm day of the year, the jacket didn't disappoint - it blended wonderfully with the cold hue of the background, making all these reddish tones seem as if they're coming out of blue. Quite literally! Actually, the original photos had more of these warm colours, but I decided to go into a somewhat moody direction with the editing for the interesting contrast.

I'm wearing: a vintage denim jacket, a thrifted shirt, a beret I got as a gift from my stepmom, H&M pants, bag & Leather Cross Pattern Watch. I got all pins, glasses and brogues from Ebay.
Photos were taken by Marta. Thank you!
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