wtorek, 26 stycznia 2016

Back to Basics

Welcome back after one week of outfit-post-wise absence! Both of my photographers happened to be busy at the same time. The result? The mentioned small break. You got to see more of my art, though, in the new series called the Art Recap, so I hope no one's been upset! So... What do we have here today?

The answer is a complete back to basics. The Karolina Romanova version of basics, of course, so the outfit is one half elegant and one half quirky. The inner layer consists of a slightly dark schoolgirl attire: a pleated skirt and an interesting sweater with a shirt underneath; the Peter Pan-style collar is adorned with a classy cameo brooch.

Moving on to the outer layer - there's my iconic porkpie hat and tan faux fur, which really lightened up the whole set. High-cut gloves added the edgy feeling to it.

 Let's not forget about this treasure that I've found during the Christmas sale: dark red patent brogues. Even though I bought them for half of the original price, I predict they will last for years - they're really heavy and solid... and they also fit into my style perfectly.

You can't deny that this outfit is a proof that I'm doing great with last year's style resolution! I've got so many blog-related plans for 2016 that I don't even know if I'll be able to bring them all to life, but there's one thing I can say for sure now: I'm gonna stick to the quirky school uniform aesthetic.

shirt, sweater, skirt, faux fur, bag - thrifted
tights - Gatta
shoes - H&M

Photos by Marta, thank you!

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